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A Few More Observations

November 1, 2009

I had a good day on Thursday.  I walked around Munich with a couple other students, conversing in a mixture of broken German and English (with the other two going off in Italian when they were trying to figure something out).  It was challenging, but we mostly managed to understand each other.  There are so many beautiful old buildings near the school.  It’s neat just to walk around and look.  Eventually we stopped in a Bier Garten (beer garden) and sat for a while.  The other two had a beer while I had a glass of water.  My glass was about the size of a tumbler, and must have been dirty, because it had stuff floating in it.  It was so little (and I’m so American) that I assumed it was free.  Wrong!  2.20 Euro for a small glass of dirty water.  I think the beer was probably cheaper.  I pay less than that for a burger and fries in the states.  Oh well.

On Friday I went to a marketplace with a friend to buy fresh fruit, and I came across a honey shop.  I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of honey and honey products.  They had honey gummy bears, honey shampoo, honeycomb, beeswax candles, and every flavor of honey you can imagine and more.  I bought a small jar of orange blossom honey and a tiny little beeswax candle that smelled like honey.  It was a neat shop.

I cooked eggs a couple of times this week.  Even eggs are a little different here.  They aren’t refrigerated, for one thing (which rather shocked me), and perhaps because of that, the yolks are a little darker; more orange than yellow.  And one or two of them had tiny feathers stuck to the shell.  It really brings home the reality of where eggs come from.  Makes me think of that one line in Fried Green Tomatoes.  A penny for whoever knows the line I mean.  🙂

I toured Schloss Nymphenburg (a palace) with a couple of friends yesterday.  It was beautiful.  Apparently it was a gift from the king for his wife.  I need to marry a king.  Afterwards we ate at McDonald’s.  It was the biggest McDonald’s I’ve ever seen in my life.  Three stories high, and at least a dozen registers, all busy.  The burger tasted just the same, though.

Children are the same the world over.  It was pretty cold yesterday, and twice during my outing I saw small children yell “Nein!” and run away when their parents tried to put warm hats on their little heads.


A longtime fear realized…

October 24, 2009

You know how so many places (particularly airports) now have automatic flush toilets which (supposedly) sense when you stand up and then do the flushing for you?  I’ve always been afraid one would go off prematurely while I was still seated.  My fears were justified.  Thank you so much, Indianapolis International Airport.  Fortunately, I heard it coming and jumped up quickly, but after I sat back down, the dang thing did it again! At least the experience taught me that I still have fairly quick reflexes.  Here’s hoping Europe isn’t using auto-toilets yet.