Blog Business

Being new to blogging, I often find the various statistics and data accumulated by WordPress about my blog rather comical.  For example, you know you’re a little off-beat when the following search terms yield your blog:  “decoding yoplait expiration date” and “gumball machine statue liberty.”  Looking strictly at the words I type, it’s an entirely logical conclusion.  But looking at the topics I write about, the results are rather comically off-base.  The internet is a wonderful tool, but using it correctly can be tricky.

Speaking of which, this information is rather late in coming, and I know it will be old news to most of you, but it’s come to my attention that some of my readers are first-time blog readers, and aren’t familiar with how commenting works, so I want to provide some general clarification.  At the bottom of every text I post, there is a little link that says “# comments” or “add a comment.”  You can click this link to leave questions, remarks or feedback of any kind.  You are all more than welcome to do so; the back-and-forth is a big part of what makes blogging fun (for me, anyway).  Just realize that when you make a comment, it doesn’t just go to me.  Anyone who reads the blog can see it.  This can also be great fun, because it can initiate discussion.  The process of posting a comment is as follows:  once you’ve clicked the link, you will see the comments that have already been posted (if there are any), and underneath there are four boxes for you to fill out.  For name, you can either use your real name or a made-up screen name, but if you are using your real name, it’s inadvisable to use both your first and last name for privacy reasons.  Your email address is private (only I see it), and it is required only so that the website can attempt to discern whether you are a genuine commenter or a spammer (online advertiser).  The website box is for people who have their own website or blog and want to promote it when they comment.  If you do, great, if not, simply leave it blank.  And the last box is, of course, where you type whatever it is you’d like to say.  When you’re finished, simply click the button that says “submit comment” to make your comment visible.  That’s all there is to it.  If you ever post anything by mistake and want it deleted, send me an email and I’ll take care of it.  So now that that’s clear, I hope we’ll get to hear from a few more of the blurkers.  I know you’re out there!  Don’t be shy!  🙂


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