“Beans, beans, beans, beans, all kinds of beans!”

The thanks for that title go to my darling nephew, who learned a song about beans in school last year, and was kind enough to sing it for me.  Love you, C!

Mom, I have good news for you.  The other night, I ate more beans in half an hour than I had in the previous year.  The “restaurant” (re: “bar”) I went to with the other students on Saturday night was Mexican.  I ordered tacos which, as I gathered from the menu, had something to do with pork.  As it turned out, they had a great deal more to do with beans.  I’m not a fan of most beans.  For the most part, I limit myself to those of the green or jelly varieties.  I hate all the ones with the starchy, mushy textures:  pinto, navy, kidney, lima, butter, etc.  When my tacos arrived, they were littered with a soupy mixture of kidney and pinto beans.  I was too hungry (and had paid too much) not to eat my meal, and it was so dark I couldn’t see well enough to attempt picking them out, so I just dove in.  I managed to eat all of the first taco, but the texture of all those beans just did me in; I ate very little of the second.  I’ve now had my quota for the year, so I beg you:  no soup beans when I get home, ‘kay?


6 Responses to ““Beans, beans, beans, beans, all kinds of beans!””

  1. Mom Says:

    No promises, you can eat peanut butter. Besides, as I say, “they are good for you.”

  2. bumble525 Says:

    …and as I always respond, they’re only good for me if I can choke them down without gagging them back up.

  3. thelmajoy Says:


  4. bumble525 Says:

    My meal, my comment, or both?

  5. thelmajoy Says:

    Comment. : ) Beans are yum.

  6. thelmajoy Says:

    I am proud of you for eating one taco, though. : )

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