The Hunt for the Perfect Yogurt

Grocery shopping in a new place is a bit of an adventure.  Many of the products (and nearly all of the brand names) with which I’m familiar are not to be found in German grocery stores, so it takes time to try new things and figure out what foods are similar to those I normally eat, and what foods I like and don’t like.  Thus began my quest for the perfect yogurt.  I’ll confess; I’m a yogurt snob.  When I’m home, I only buy Yoplait.  I’m not a fan of Dannon, and I’ve never bothered to try other brands, but I love Yoplait.  It is soooo good.  Alas, Germany has not yet realized this fact, so I’ve been systematically trying out all the brands stocked by the three grocery stores within walking distance of my apartment (Penny Markt, Tengelmann, and Aldi).  To date I have tried four different brands in three different flavors, but none of them really impressed me.  One even tasted much too sour, even though it was nowhere near the expiration date.  Then, at last, I visited Tengelmann one evening and came upon the Holy Grail of yogurts, the only one able to meet my high standards.  Drumroll, please.  The brand, Ehrmann Almighurt. The flavor, Birne mit Schokoraspeln. That’s pear with chocolate shavings in English.  Now, before those of you who know me altogether too well assume that my liking for this flavor is due to the word “chocolate,” let me clarify:  the chocolate isn’t sweet, but it’s not bitter either.  It’s just solid, smooth and soft.  It adds texture, but no flavor to speak of.  It’s the sweet, creamy flavor of the pear yogurt that I love.  I’d only had pear-flavored yogurt once before (Yoplait, of course).  It’s not a common flavor in the states, but trust me, it’s delicious.  So, if you ever have the opportunity to try pear yogurt, be sure that you do.  Thus endeth my quest.  Fair thee well, my friends, ere we meet again.


2 Responses to “The Hunt for the Perfect Yogurt”

  1. Amber Says:

    I just have to comment on this! When we were stationed in Germany I went and got some yogurt. I did not like it at all. I can not remember what brand it was. However my non eating yogurt husband somehow tried the banana that I brought home. He was soon buying tons of it. He has not touched any yogurt since we have came back to the states. 🙂

    I have even put sprite in my son’s apple juice on occasion since coming back. He LOVED the apfel schorle.

  2. bumble525 Says:

    I love apfel schorle, too.

    Should’ve kept trying the yogurt brands till you found the good ones. Some of them are nasty, but I’ve found two I really like. And they have so many more flavor choices here than we have at home. In addition to the Ehrmann Almighurt, I’ve also discovered I like Zott Sahne Jogurt. Apricot is my favorite. 🙂

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