Tough Questions

Religion.  It’s a difficult enough topic when you’re discussing it in your native language.  Try translating your beliefs from English to German so they can be understood in Italian.

My friend from school asked me about my faith last week, specifically whether using “God” as an oath or exclamation was common and acceptable in the USA, and why or why not.  She also wanted to know the differences between Catholic and Protestant faith, and the differences between Protestant denominations.

With the help of two dictionaries, I explained that many people in the states say “God” all the time, but that I don’t because I was raised in a Christian church, and it’s against the third commandment.  My knowledge of Catholicism is limited, but I think I managed to get the basics of what I believe across, and she understood the differences.

I invited her to visit a church here with me, and she’s interested, so I must have said something right.  That was the most difficult conversation I’ve ever had in my life.


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