Lost in Translation

When I was out with my friends the other day, we stopped in Marienplatz and listened to a really good band that was playing some kind of benefit concert.  The emcee announced something that I thought had to do with a church, and then a man came by a few minutes later, rattled off something in German, and stuck a stein with crosses on it under my nose.  He was collecting coins in it.  I told him I hadn’t understood what he’d said, and he nodded and said he understood, then walked away.  We listened for a few more minutes, and before we left, I decided if it had to do with good music and God, it was probably a good cause, so I found the man and put a 2 Euro coin in his stein.  He thanked me and gave me a plastic paper clip with more crosses, a ginkgo leaf, and a website on it.  I just visited the website and discovered that they were collecting money for a cemetary, not a church.  Oh well.


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