A Few Observations

Boy, if you ever want to know how much you’re loved, go to a foreign country for a while.  I’ve had more email in the last four days than I had in the last four weeks.  But that’s not a complaint; I love it, because it keeps me connected with home, so keep ’em coming!  Please!  🙂

I walked home yesterday without using my sheet of directions.  I was ridiculously pleased with myself, because I’d spent the previous two days clutching it like it was a life-preserver.   I’ve mostly been walking to and from school, because my car’s in Indiana, and I need the exercise.  People don’t drive as much here anyway.  They have an extensive public transportation system, and they also walk and ride their bikes more than we do in the states.  It’s great, but the sidewalks are always very busy, and I have to watch out for dog poop.  It reminds me of my trip to New York, in that sense.  The biggest downside (for me) is that sometimes I’ll be stuck walking behind a smoker.  If any of you are hacked off about the anti-smoking laws being enacted in certain parts of the USA right now, move to Europe.  Everyone smokes everywhere.  Fortunately, smoking in my apartment building is verboten (forbidden).

The bakeries here are unbelievable.   They are everywhere, and there is always a large selection of fresh breads and pastries to choose from.  The closest thing I can compare them to in the states is Panera, but it’s not as good.  On Wednesday I had a chocolate cream croissant.  I’d had those when I was here before; they’re so delicious.  Imagine the chocolate pastry at Panera (if you haven’t had one, you should), only softer and more flaky, with soft chocolate filling and a hint of hazelnut.  Sooooo good.  And yesterday I had a cherry pastry that was similar to an American turnover.  It was also excellent.  I could get used to this.

I was tickled to death to find something resembling an ice tray in the cabinet of my kitchenette.  That might not sound like a big deal, but ice is usually not to be found over here.  Only once in a blue moon will you get a cube or two in your drink, and then only in very touristy places when they know you’re American.  I love to crunch ice, so I was very happy to find that tray.  I think it might actually be meant for eggs though.  The 10 depressions in it are round, and it resembles the bottom half of an egg carton.  Eggs are sold in tens here, not by the dozen.  So I’m pretty sure it’s an egg tray, but I don’t need an egg tray; I leave them in the carton.  So I’m using it to make ice.  It works great!

Yesterday I saw a man walking down the sidewalk with a sack of Jelly Belly brand jelly beans.  It’s a small world after all.


5 Responses to “A Few Observations”

  1. insomniac Says:

    *wonders how they got the chickens to go metric*

  2. Uncle Bob Says:

    Bea – Shame on you I think I gained 5 lbs. just reading this. One of the things Aunt Lane and I miss, most, since we don’t visit NY any more are the bakeries.

  3. Bumble Says:

    Uncle Bob~ That’s the great part; you don’t gain weight ’cause of all the walking. We went to Schloss Nymphenburg yesterday, and I must’ve walked several miles. I’m not exaggerating.

  4. southerngirl Says:

    B, i love your ingenuity, as far as the *ice trays*!


  5. Bumble Says:

    Well, I’m American. It wasn’t ingenuity; I just saw it and thought, “It’s an ice tray!” Then I remembered where I was and decided that it really wasn’t, but I decided to stick with my first instinct. 🙂

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