Ich habe eine Frage.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with German or Google, that means “I have a question.”  Hopefully some of you veteran WordPressers can answer it.  Is there a way to set up the blog so that anyone can comment and I won’t have to approve them all manually?  And if there is, should I do it, or is that an open invitation for spammers?


9 Responses to “Ich habe eine Frage.”

  1. Anwyn Says:

    Yes, there is a way; yes, you will get spammers, but you’ll get those anyway; WordPress.com should automatically have a spam filter called Akismet set up for you.

  2. Bumble Says:

    Okay, so how do I do it? I tried searching the WordPress help topics, but I didn’t find what I was looking for.

  3. Anwyn Says:

    Down the left-hand menu of your dashboard, click Settings, then click Discussion, and you should see everything you want. Nice pic of the gumball machine btw.

  4. Anwyn Says:

    Looks like you are currently set to “commenter must have a previously approved comment,” which is not a totally bad way–you don’t have to approve everything. But you can set it up so that everybody can comment without prior approval if you want.

  5. bumble525 Says:


  6. southerngirl Says:

    hey, i know what that means!!

  7. Bumble Says:

    And here you led me to believe you only spoke English and a little French.

  8. Yusuf Says:

    I have posted a couple of comments. I thought they went through or am I mistaken.

  9. Bumble Says:

    Yusuf~ Your comments are showing up. No worries.

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