So I’m in Germany now…

…and the keyboards here reverse the z and y, in case you were wondering.  So if you see a z or y in this post that looks out of place, in the words of Willy Wonka, “Strike that.  Reverse it.”

The last couple days have been completely crazy.  I had a layover in Paris, and figured that an hour and 20 minutes would be plenty of time to find my gate, grab a bite to eat, and maybe find out if you can see the Eiffel Tower from the airport windows.  I was mistaken.  The only way the gates I arrived at and departed from could have been any further apart was if they had been in different cities.  So I had to hoof it across half of Paris as fast as I could.  10 miles and two security checkpoints later, I arrived at my gate breathless and red-faced with a brand-new stamp in my passport.  The plane was already boarding.  I asked the two German ladies in line in front of me if we were going to Munich, and they smiled kindly at my red face and flying hair and assured me that we were.

My arrival in Munich went smoothly.  My luggage made it with me all the way, and my concerns about getting the packaged foods I brought through customs were moot.  The customs booth where you were supposed to go if you had items to declare was closed and locked, and when I tried to ask the airport employee where I should go, he just motioned me through the “nothing to declare” line, and no one even glanced at me after that.  Oh well.  My cab driver couldn’t have been nicer.  He picked up my key for me, and helped me carry my luggage up to my apartment, where I promptly collapsed on the bed in a pool of exhaustion, fear and self-pity upon realizing that I was now completely alone in a strange place with no phone, internet or toilet paper.

Eventually I forced myself to get up, and I walked to Aldi to see if I could buy some toilet paper and a few other basics.  Unfortunately, I arrived on a Sunday, and pretty much everything here is closed on Sunday.  So I went back to the apartment.  I made some ramen noodles and forced myself to eat them even though I was sick to my stomach from nerves.  It was a good thing I brought instant food.  I only wish I’d thought to bring toilet paper.  Thank goodness for Kleenex pocket packs.  I felt a little better after I showered, and then I read for a while and went to bed.

Today went well, once I finally located my school.  I had to get help from locals to find some of the streets in my directions, and I took a couple of wrong turns, but I made it on time.  I only understood about half of what my teacher was saying in class, but she’s very nice and helpful, and I met a girl in class who is staying in the same building I am.  We’re going to go do a little bit of shopping and walk home together.  So to sum up, I’m not feeling quite as miserable and alone as I was yesterday, and I’m a little more confident that this whole trip wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  Keep praying for me.


7 Responses to “So I’m in Germany now…”

  1. TCK Says:

    *is somewhat disappointed with the total lack of misplaced z’s or y’s*

    *wonders if i’m the only one that read thru it twice in hopes of finding one*

  2. Bumble Says:

    Tumnus, you should know how O/C I am from our Kilt days. Remember how I agonized over my schoolwork when I knew I was getting straight A’s no matter what? I misplaced plenty of Z’s and Y’s while I was typing, but I fixed ’em all. My sister’s a copy editor, and she reads this blog. Typos just won’t do. 🙂

  3. TCK Says:

    of course i know that

    all the more reason to find one

  4. insomniac Says:

    *sings ‘those layz hayz crayz days of summer’ *

  5. Bumble Says:

    *sticks out tongue @ TCK*

  6. Meanie the Blue Says:

    Hang in there, lady. Settle in, catch a few yyyyyyy’s, and you’ll be good as (mc)new.

  7. insomniac Says:

    listen to some that jaz-y rapper…

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