A longtime fear realized…

You know how so many places (particularly airports) now have automatic flush toilets which (supposedly) sense when you stand up and then do the flushing for you?  I’ve always been afraid one would go off prematurely while I was still seated.  My fears were justified.  Thank you so much, Indianapolis International Airport.  Fortunately, I heard it coming and jumped up quickly, but after I sat back down, the dang thing did it again! At least the experience taught me that I still have fairly quick reflexes.  Here’s hoping Europe isn’t using auto-toilets yet.


4 Responses to “A longtime fear realized…”

  1. Meanie the Blue Says:

    *Wonders if he should tell her about those increasingly common European automatic wipers*

  2. John Says:

    Good morning “miss” BB
    Well I don’t know.. it may be afternoon where you are. Anyway hope your flight was a good one. Be sure and watch out for thos “auto” toilets. Ha….Oh well….country has come to town. Blessings! John

  3. insomniac Says:

    being drastically out of synch with most things mechanical, it usually flushes 3 or 4 times before i’m done…so much for these things saving water! are they there to make sure we flush? i would imagine in germany with their love of order and cleanliness, that heavy fines and jail time would attach to un-flushers. i agree with them.

  4. bumble525 Says:

    Blue~ 😛

    John~ I’m five hours ahead of y’all right now, but that’ll change once you go on daylight savings time.

    insom~ No kidding.

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